6 Concepts Training

Endeavoring to achieve higher levels of proficiency between its employees, Feedback’s HR department organized a training session covering all aspects of marketing and Advertising. The training session was orchestrated by Mr. Kamal Darouni, a well-known figure in the field of marketing and advertising, founder of the NDU advertising club and author of several books in communication. The training session was partitioned into 3 phases throughout the day. - Phase 1 concentrated on the key elements of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) plans and tactics in order to produce effective advertisements. - Phase 2 focused on creativity and how to come up with the big idea using the six concepts. - Phase 3 emphasized on the efficiency and effectiveness of media planning. The above phases are now considered as essentialities in Feedback’s departmental daily work (communication department, account handling department & the creative department), since they provide beneficial results regarding the company’s productivity. At the end of the workshop, all the employees of Feedback, advertising and marketing, were granted a certificate for attending and participating in this training session from the Lebanese AAA.