Plant a Seed as a good Deed

Being a part of the Lebanese ecosystem, Feedback’s team initiated an afforestation campaign after the devastating fires that took over the forests in Lebanon during 2007, hoping to make this event a yearly trend. The idea sprang from Feedback’s concern to greet its stakeholders during the holly seasons of Christmas and Adha, yet conveying a message of solidarity with the nature of Lebanon, proving the widely known quote by Ogden Nash wrong: “I think I shall never see, a billboard lovely as a tree Perhaps, unless the billboards fall, I’ll never see a tree at all” Thinking that every change should start from small communities to evolve and reach the whole nation, we at Feedback, took the initiative to start this custom with our family aiming to spread the word through the coming years. Taking the trees as our theme, we distributed a pine seed per greeting card asking its holder to plant it. By this we would not only be helping our environment to gain back its green outfit, but also we will be giving back our Lebanon its title “a piece of heaven”. Lebanon’s nature is a major asset for its tourism hence taking care of it will lead to making Lebanon an attracting site for tourists to visit, and tourism by itself will lead to a better economy.